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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
12 Frames in the original CPC port? Well, 25 FPS is indeed an improvement. But as Akira already said. Far away from a perfect port. Why didn't they tried to do a proper CPC plus version, in 50 FPS and with smooth scrolling?
Because there is not a lot of CPC+ outthere, but yes, would have been good indeed !

And why is that so? All good C64 emulators have no problem to display the games properly. A lame excuse, me thinks.
It's not unfortunately, it really runs better on the real hardware :S

Another boring action game with jerky scrolling (my eyes hurt after a few seconds), which was often mentioned to demonstrate the superior of CPC games. *Yawn*
No, it's good enough If you can bear the amiga version, you can support this one
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