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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
I have a feeling the only way a card like this will see the light of day is if buyers accept "Individual Computers accept no responsibility for inserted components, card has been testing with this CPU and memory specs".
I remember reading that Jens said that he hates receiving support tickets for products that don't work because of other variables. That's why he hates the Apollo accelerators, because they gave lots of problems with his products, and people blamed them instead of thinking that their Apollo accelerator was the real cause behind it.

Knowing that, having users add RAM and CPU by themselves would mean a lot of support tickets like "your card sucks, it doesn't read my RAM", just because it has crappy timings or it's incompatible with the card for some strange reason - that said, I don't foresee Jens EVER going that route.

We have to hope in another Amiga hardware dev, or in a free open-sourced PCB (which should be four-layered to support 68060, iirc?) project and have people build them by themselves
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