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That's brilliant! It's surreal to think that the first game your son has ever played is one I've written. If he enjoyed it then that's fantastic. I hope you introduce him to some of the classics in the not-too-distant future.

More new things to report too - big thanks to mihcael for taking the time to design some levels for the game. Already level three has been included and there's a level four and alternate level one waiting in the wings too so look out for them in the next WIP.

Secondly, Predseda has got his virtual paintbrushes out once again and drawn some nice little powerup icons which I will be using at some point soon. However you'll have to wait for these, as I have been mainly concentrating on adding the two-player mode tonight - which is now in It still needs some testing to make 100% sure everything is working as it should be but nothing's been broken which is a promising start.

As if that wasn't enough (!) I've taken DJCruicky's advice on changing the order the subroutines are called which has - as he correctly advised - eliminated the problem of being able to walk on the pickups. So one more problem bites the dust! I am, of course, aware of how to fix the flickering issues now thanks to him so I will also be working in the near future to remedy these... although I can't promise it will be in time for WIP8.

I am also hoping to add the title sequence too - this way you get a feel for how the presentation screens will look 'in the flesh' so to speak (including the high score table screen), and it'll make it easy to choose between one and two-player modes.

So here's the current release schedule:

WIP8 (Due for release 11/03/12) - new levels added, some pickup collision issues fixed, two-player mode added, title screen included

WIP9 (Due 18/03/12) - I'm hoping to have some proper powerups up and running, as well as waving goodbye to the flickering issues mentioned above. Anything else will be a bonus.

I'm still waiting on the sound effects from Wilshy but as soon as they are done rest assured they will be included, no rush yet. But I still have no ProTracker musician. If anybody can knock up a title and a game tune, both with a combined file size of no greater than 200K (give or take a few K), using all four sound channels if you like, then please drop me a line!
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