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Guess why the c64 never sold correctly in France XD ! It was sold aside amstrad cpc, and other computers, and sorry, but people never understood why the c64 was sold so expensive when it was using so sad and badly assorted colors, even if it had speed and sound ! People prefer what looks beautiful (guess why to the contrary why the amiga was so sucessfull here ? Because it had the sound, the speed, AND the colored graphics ! Computers as a media has always been linked here to computer graphic art, and art (paintings or whatever else are beautiful because they are so colored )

Also the CPC never needed highres sprites, when you have some of the best designers (Azpiri and Royo) just to do a bit of name-droping making graphics for the CPC. I guess the reason is that the CPC has such brilliant and shiny colors like those of a pastel pen

Concerning Target Renegade, not only the CPC version is better (GFX, excellent playability, and i don't speak about the music and sound), same applies to renegade BTW.

Firstable, not all mentioned games are better on the CPC. Target Renegade is cleary better on the C64. Rick Dangerous, Shinobi and Batman got proper C64 conversions. Games like Dragon Ninja, Afterburner, Total Recall, Robocop are crappy 8bit games/8bit ports. No matter what 8bit platform.
Fanboism get out of this body ! Robocop has excellent music, but sorry, it can't beat the cpc graphics not counting the digitised speech that the C64 doesn't have and can't do because it would mean slowing just more the tape loading XD . Because even here, the c64 games are as slow to load as my grandma need time to get up from her bed on mornings XD ! I name Robocop but i can name others like that.

It's easy to do a compare, i plug my C64 on a tv aside the CPC plugged on another TV, and let's roll the loading XD, the CPC finish the loading before the C64 hands up !
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