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Smile Dissecting (and mapping) Captive II: Liberation

These are maps for Mission 1 out of 4000 in Liberation. They will help you to get to see the ending at least once which satisfied me.

Liberation escaped me when it was new, having no money to afford a CD32, but the concept have always intrigued me. Having recently completed my Let's Play of Black Crypt I decided it was time to seriously get into Liberation with WinUAE.

The advantage for having these maps is that you can quickly find places for the first mission without the need to first find a terminal in each sector to map your City Mapper every time you wish to find a place and you can instantly find the closest shop with ease, or police station, or whatever it is you are looking for.

The 9 maps and a small mashup with all of them can be seen in the links below.

Liberation Mini-Map
1. Northwest, Theta Sector
2. North, Alpha Sector
3. Northeast, Beta Sector
4. West, Eta Sector
5. Center, Kappa Sector
6. East, Gamma Sector
7. Southwest, Zeta Sector
8. South, Epsilon Sector
9. Southeast, Delta Sector
Searchable Excel document

Originally Posted by History
v0.92 Added a couple of underground locations and some fixed names.
v0.91 Most chopped names should be fixed. Symbols for gunsmith/hardware/newsagent/software. Moved symbol descriptions to minimap.
v0.90 First Release

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