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Originally Posted by jimmy2x2x View Post
Good shout on wrath of the demon, an exception by the looks of things.
Thanks mate! Getting this thread back ON-TOPIC, I did think of a couple of other arcade-style games that might fit the bill also. EA's coin-op conversion of Marble Madness was probably the first game that was truly optimised for the Amiga period, never mind that it came out of North America. Prince of Persia also got a pretty slick conversion to the Amiga.

It's virtually a complete bust when it comes to slick shoot 'em-ups coming out of North America, though. All the decent ones published by companies in that part of the world were Euro imports. There was a very obscure shoot 'em-up developed/published in the U.S. in 1993 called Overdrive. While its good looks are reminiscent of SWIV, it all turns to cack when things start to move!

I have never really thought about it before, but Amiga games might be so distinct to other platforms because of it - a real Euro representation of gaming.
Never really thought about it like that either, but you could make a decent argument for it. Still, the Amiga probably isn't a unique has a bit of company from the Atari ST, which is a slightly more extreme case since it died a much earlier death (~1988) in the North American market than the Ami. Fortunately, the ST was sustained for a few more years after that into the early 90s by its popularity in France, Germany and the UK.

Great thread BTW!
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