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Flawless for what the computer is able to deliver XD. The CPC when correctly programmed, is able to push up excellent games (AMC 2 independant playfield, more colors than a correctly coded c64 can flush on screen, etc, etc, gryzor, chase HQ, Turrican 1 + 2 (for both, i guess that the bar was setted really high, hence the great result we had, because coders wanted to show what the CPC could do , Rick dangerous 1 + 2, dragon ninja, total recall, shinobi, double dragon 1 + 2, Robocop, target renegade, batman the movie, afterburner, all those were really better than their C64 counterparts. easy to compare, i bought them for c64.

The c64 has the speed, but no colors to do arcade games, that's why all the games i cited above are better on CPC.
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