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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
For which there are memories that simply wont work, or "works" with intermittent issues. Still don't see the problem?
Of course there are RAMs that don't work. You could insert an Apple simm or a way too slow SIMM. The point that you missed is that I had no trouble buying two 32MB SIMMs for 8 EUR for my Apollo. That's it.
Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
I like the attention to detail Jens brings, where timings aren't a "best effort" generic works with anything setting, but something he slaves over to bring us the best performance he can.

I saved the first, for last. Your barking up the wrong tree. We'll get emulated 680x0 that will be a lot faster, and compatible with a wider array of software then a top of the line 68060, most likely long before the adaptation of "empty" accelerator cards. I'm not going to be surpriced when someone pulls a chip out of their rear end, that emulates a 68030 couple of 100 MHz. Right now the chips to run it of is to expencive, but they'll end up as NOS soon enough them to.
You can already do that with a fast PC and WinUAE, or with a PPC Amiga and some software. That, however, is not a continuation of Amiga.

I hope you understand that the reason to buy any hardware from Jens at all is because you want a continuation of Amiga? Because WinUAE can already run software faster than his accels to date and extremely compatible, and with a lot of extras like no need to buy an Indivision for a PC screen.

Let's make it a high end continuation of Amiga, is my simple suggestion
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