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Hi mazxim, I've seen what you describe and maybe I can help you solve it.

I saw this if I tried to use as a default for a .HV file or double clicked on and entered the filename as the option. When the pointer disappeared I thought the amiga had crashed but in fact something has just failed to open another screen properly and the pointer is somehow stuck on this non open screen. Just press left Amiga-m to bring the pointer back.(left Amiga-m to swap between screens IIRC)

The following should work -

Copy to your c: directory, (just so it is in the command path).
OR, make sure is in the same folder as the .hv files.

Open a shell, navigate to the folder containing your .HV file.

Enter filename.hv

Should work if the file is good. For some reason doesn't like it when executed in some other ways, like as a default tool.

EDIT: oh also is your .HV file on IDE drive or pcmcia card? For some reason I also saw this when using a pcmcia card reader. Only works for me when the .HV is on the IDE. Maybe a red herring but in the emulator are you using a hardfile or a windows directory?

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