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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Oh. You are from USA. I didnt read. You like to apropriate the word just for your folk, regardless of the rest of the american continent.
I'm sure you're not implying that everyone from the USA feels that way...

What it's likely that he was implying is that I don't believe people from Canada call themselves "Americans," even tho they are part of that continent.

And I don't believe people in general from South America call themselves "Americans" either.

It is an unfortunate name choice...

Apparently, people from above and below were creative enough to come up with other names (Canada, Mexico, etc), and we just saw the name on the map and figured that was good enough.. ;-)

Technically, even United States isn't unique, as there are the Estados Unidos... ;-) Which is also accurate... And as they are in America, they could also be the USA...

We really should pick a name that's unique...

I vote for AmigaLand, as we're the birthplace of the Amiga..

Probably won't catch on tho..

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