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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
New eyes? Because the CPC version has candy colors? Turrican II C64 destroys the CPC version in EVERY aspect, of course its not better than the Amiga version.
Fanboism inside, i own both machine, and while the music is quite good, i can't play for long, the "special" colors the c64 has kills my eyes.

the CPC release has nice colors, that are not killing the eyes. while the amiga and CPC or even ST release have nice colors, the c64 has hard to bear ones.

Well, Factor 5 did the first R-Type port. That's the point why R-Type 1 has a better playability than R-Type II.
Hum hum, this is really factor5boism XD, R-type 2 is more complex than R-type.....
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