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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Very easy to spot, i'm even amazed that while you've posted these screens you didn't see that the amiga release had its graphics not converted but redrawn by the factor 5 guy.

The CPC graphics were converted from the arcade ripped graphics. they just have not implemented 2 blocks at the bottom of the first level boss.

Concerning the PC-engine, sorry but it displays 512 colors on screen, and it has hardware functions for playfield and sprites that the amiga is not touching

A game like parasol stars displays 512 colors when the amiga release is 32. Mick West said that the amiga was in no way able to display such an amount of colors (sprites used 64 colors alone if i remember well XD)
You cares about that when the CPC gameplay sucks, compared to the C64 and Amiga versions. Try to mimic the arcade graphics and sound is a nice effort, but the result is only a pimped ZX Spectrum version.
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