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Unhappy Reset kicks me back to WindowsXP

When i reset the AMIGA it only sends me back to Windows, this is becoming irritating as i spend more time with WinUAE than any other thing on my PC

I am using a WinUAE 0.8.22 r3
Picasso96 --> i think this is the prob...
1074x768 32bits BGRA

I have tried other picasso screenmodes and i get the same problem.

When starting games or applications that needs to change the resolution there is no problem... Only when i reset the AMIGA from Workbench it kicks me back to windows

If someone could help

Here is some of the LOG:

SetSwitch() - trying to show picasso96 screen
Ct: 00000009, picasso_vidinfo.selected_rgbformat 00000009
ignored overlay because desktop depth == requested depth (32)
set_ddraw: Trying 1024x768, bits=32, refreshrate=0
DDRAW: Primary flipping surface created in video-memory
try_surface_locks() returning primary
set_ddraw() called, and is 1024x768@32-bytes
Full screen mode (bits: 32, pixbytes: 4)
SetSwitch() from threadid 1496 - showing picasso96 screen
fault address is 0x78c at 0x6960beb4
Can't handle access!
instruction byte 0 is 0x8b
instruction byte 1 is 0xb0
instruction byte 2 is 0x8c
instruction byte 3 is 0x07
instruction byte 4 is 0x00
instruction byte 5 is 0x00
instruction byte 6 is 0x8b
instruction byte 7 is 0xde
instruction byte 8 is 0x57
instruction byte 9 is 0x8b
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