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Originally Posted by Amiten View Post
anyone know if this technique can be used with Ham8. would be amazing to use resolutions of 1440 * 576 in PAL mode and 16 million colors.
Yes, it can be used with HAM8, and what's better is that it's possible to make HAM8 videos compatible with HAM6 displays. It works by simply using a 16 color base palette for HAM8 and storing the two extra bitplanes of data at the end of a frame so that they can be skipped with a seek function, instead of reading the data to save bandwidth. This works, because when you only use a 16 color base palette, the two extra HAM8 bits only encode for more color depth (normally they can code for more palette colors as well).

However, 1440*576 doesn't seem viable, because of the chipmem bandwidth restrictions, and it's not available to people who use a VGA dongle.
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