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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
And the card would of course have a switch / jumper cluster, as well as a flexible clock frequency generator so it could run on both 68040 & 060 CPU's.
No I meant this for the high end. Beyond which there is nothing faster. You get the oscillator for your CPU's speed, and wait states adapt the memory to this speed.

Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
However, i see issues here. A buyer with a flaky CPU will inevitably blame the card,... the CPU was bought as "working pull" from some asian guy... Makes it a nightmare to support.
I have a feeling the only way a card like this will see the light of day is if buyers accept "Individual Computers accept no responsibility for inserted components, card has been testing with this CPU and memory specs". It would save test-time, handling/ordering and outlay for him and reduce his commitment, which might make it happen (I hope! ) At the same time it's not very painful for the user, the card could be made cheap and therefore in volume, and PC RAM costs nothing and it's not that hard to get another used 68060 if one doesn't perform.

That's why he's been building cards only with chips (CPUs and RAMs) that are NOS, and that's why we've gotten 68030 cards and not any 68060 cards.

If we don't want to downgrade to 68030s when all the 68060 cards eventually die, we must support this "I only guarantee the board". (Unless someone else makes such a board or full 68060 accels that come with test CPU and memory, of course.)

Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
And the sort of optimization Jens is doing to push the performance from the CPU's would be impossible with a wide variety of CPU & memory combinations.
While it pays to push slow components to perform at max, there is nothing faster than 68060+modern PC DDR RAM for Amiga, so he'd only need to be as fast as Blizzard/Apollo, and I'm sure he'd easily do that with 10 years newer components without optimizing it to the edge.

I don't see a combination problem that could crop up. Blizzard/Apollo already supports PC memory. CPU timings are history, and there are cheap off-the-shelf chips to talk to a generic PC RAM of the type that he chooses. Even within the type he could support a quite narrow range of RAMs and there would still be thousands of stores that would have it in stock.

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