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Is it my imagination or was the bulk of American produced Amiga games bloated, slow running and unoptimized?

Where as Euro produced Amiga games seemed to be a lot more optimized for the hardware and getting it to run in 50fps was an important consideration?
I don't think any Cinemaware or Readysoft games run at 50 frames/sec...
Wrath of the Demon runs at 50-60 frames/sec IIRC, and is one of the few arcade-style games produced in North America that was optimised for the Amiga hardware. Can anyone think of any others to speak of?! Any shoot 'em-ups, even??!!

Cinemaware and Westwood certainly produced some great games - but not the type of games I am talking about.

I mean games like Turrican, Zout, Hybris - Silky smooth 50fps games.
All the pure arcade shoot 'em-ups or games that came out of North America were either produced in the early Amiga days, or ported from the PC without any real optimisation (BTW early Amiga days = before 1989/90 when the Amiga wasn't considered outrageously expensive compared to the the PC/consoles, and not so much a productivity machine in the U.S.).

The other thing about the American computer games market is that it was geared towards more serious games (e.g. strategy games, RPGs, flight sims) because of the PC/Apple tradition that held sway at the time. If you wanted to play arcade games, then parents/kids were better off buying a Mega Drive/Genesis or Nintendo coz it was a far cheaper way to go and had many more game releases than any of the computer platforms of the time there.
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