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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Apparently Galahad got stuck on some part... This game isn't as simple as it looks.
I know, because i disassembled it and started the port (before knowing about this thread).

Graphics are "easy" to do when using my lazy method : vbl screen conversion... but this raises pre-requisites up to '030. As this game has lots and lots of graphical routines, changing them all would be a real pain anyway.

As Super Sprint uses in-screen palette changes, my actual version shows wrong colors but it's not as easy as adding a copperlist because it runs in an intuition screen (multitasking is a nice addition in my taste - and it helps me a lot while debugging).

Sounds can be done with YM emulator unless someone provides me with samples and tracker module for the small musics (note that some games such as Gauntlet already use samples, so there it is less problematic).
YM emulators either use lots of cpu or don't handle envelopes with short timing correctly ; hopefully Super Sprint seems to be fine in that aspect.
Thread necromancy aside, I stopped it not because it would have been difficult, it was stopped because in comparison to modern Amiga racing games, Super Sprint was severely lacking.

Studying the ST version quite intensively, I came to the conclusion that the AI for the other cars was virtually non-existant. Cars followed a virtually set route, only changing when gates opened, there just didn't seem to be much of a challenge to the game whatsover.

Compare it to Nitro or SuperCars, and its readily apparent just how woeful the AI in Super Sprint is. Whether or not the Arcade version is different I don't know, but technically the game was never a problem, it was the gameplay mechanics which for most Amiga owners would be too simplistic.
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