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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
Looks like he's only showing half the screen, where the other image resides (which is the same .com program loaded as a RAW image). With that image out of view, you can just use the colour picker to copy the colours across to the correct pixels. Simple when you know how ;-)

He's almost certainly not choosing his colours from prior knowledge of which machine instruction equals which value (or combination of values) - it's happening far too quickly for that.


Aye, I think you're right. The mouse disappears off to the right and the RGB sliders all snap suddenly to a new value. I call semi-fake since the description says simply "open photoshop, draw some pixels"

I'm still impressed though, cool effect. The mental gymnastics performed by coders never ceases to amaze me. Makes me wonder about someone actually being able to program "assembly" that doesn't need assembled using colours instead of mnemonic. Like some kind of savant ability to interpret a bitmap this way.

I wonder if someone could design a combination of machine code and color encoding that would make correct syntax and good program structure look pretty.

I'll take my pills now.
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