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Originally Posted by melbourneben! View Post
Good work Jens, I`ll be ordering one as soon as they become available. today? Vesalia marked it as "available" (green) for maybe 30 minutes during the day today, but you guys were really fast ordering. I'll ship the next stock to Vesalia tomorrow, so it'll be back in stock on march 8th.

Here's the new version of ACATune V1.5e, which supports not only the ACA1231, but also all previous versions of ACA turboboards. New in this version:

- recognizes the new ID for ACA1231 with the coldboot-wait
- allows moving VBR to fastmem (gives about 0.3% performance boost on my harddrive performance... wow ;-))
- allows running even older versions of Kickstarts on A600: V1.2, V1.1 and V1.0 also work with the patch. It's just V0.7 that we could not get to work yet, but I guess we can skip on that.
- commandline options don't have to be entered with "-" in front of them (but are still case-sensitive).
- polished the help text a little
- added a massive readme file with explanations for each option

Still experimental:
VBR moving to fastmem is marked as experimental, but works pretty well on all our test-setups. We will most likely mark it "working" if you guys don't report anything different.

SKick patchfile support: We still need your feedback on this. If you want to help, please get the SKick package from Aminet and try out some Patchfiles:

Under development: Changing a maprom'd kickstart without disabling maprom first. This will save you a reboot if you want to change Kickstart roms. Also under development: Loading a kickstart from an A1000 Kickdisk or an A3000 Superkickstart disk. This will save you the hassle of converting those disks to a binary file, just to find out if it was worth being converted.

So.. we're still not at the end of development with ACATune, even if the performance-tweaks have probably reached an upper limit now.


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