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I have no idea what the problem is. My laptop hp with Windows 7 32 bits works. My laptop (for free) Advent with Windows XP doesn't, and my own C64x has an Asus motherboard and Windows 7 64 bits and doesn't work.
In all of them I installed their OS's.

I've tried with the options in Windows 7 to solve compatibility problems, and nothing. I've tried changing resolution, java version, installing it again, disabling Avast. Nothing.

I don't understand why the C64 and Amiga launchers work and SNES and MAME don't. Even more extrange that SNES works in other Windows 7 64 to msantos.

Really somebody else has to try and tell about Windows 7 64 and MAME or SNES and the quick finder option to select games.

Edit: And why it doesn't work (to me) in XP?

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