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an Eye of the beholder 4 or a remake of Champions of krynn. or better a remake of Death knigts of krynn.
i used to play pools of darkness and the remake the last year. ok the game was ugly. the problem is that no matter how long and 3deezed it was, the interface was horrible, the rules were badly implemented etc. ok the remake, with the point of view of a december 2001 or 2002 player, it was a bad game anyway; but what you loose from the original was the most important thing, the ambience. i still think that your imagination and how well it is excited is the best FEATURE of a game. i don't think is so obvious, i mean i don't want just to interact by moving things in a game (but the same is for a book) but i want my mind to get pulled to think by association of ideas in many others/differents areas of "thenonplacewherethoughtsgowanderingandtrasformating"
i don't mean to get out of subject: my token is that probably there are many games instead that need no remake or sequel.
i would be horrified if a sequel of Lotus Turbochallenge would be like Need for the speed 6 or whatever
i think that we just need the new games to be nice games and i do think that they are ALREADY just 1 in a couple of years while we would not be into retroplaying if we would not love the old and poor games. any need of 21 century sequels?
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