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I had some issues with installing blitz basic also that I managed to solve the other day.
Can't remember exactly what the issues were, it was a couple of months since I last tried and then gave up.

Anyways, according to there are errors in the installation script on the CD. You can download a working script on the site, click "installation" on the site.

I mounted the ISO on the Amiga, copied the entire contents to a new folder on my HD.
Then I replaced the installation script with the one I downloaded from the site.
After that I ran the installation and Blitz seems to be working.

I do however have a problem with the application Redshapez that is included in the Blitz basis support suite, but I don't know if it's because something went wrong with the installation or if theres some compability issues with my Amiga.

It's an A1200 with aca 1230, wb 3.1
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