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Originally Posted by synchro View Post
i just replaced the version you downloaded....wanna try again ?

There is actually a mame version for 64bit its " Mame0145b_64bit.exe" found it on thier website but if the usual works fine i cant quite work out why they made a specific ??

Any Ideas

Its strange why its a problem......This end so far its worked on everything...Weird !!
Wish a few more peeps would try it so i can filter the problem
In Romnation there isn't a 64 version as far as I see, if it were necessary it would be there. But remember that the quick find doesn't work in my Windows XP and it doesn't work in the SNES one either.

Yes I want to try the new version. Link? (I thought you had changed the link you gave yesterday, but the post isn't edited).

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