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After reading Graham Humphrey's Downfall thread I started itching to do something again myself. I never really aboned this project as such, I just had a short break, which unfortunately was followed by a few real life issues that have left my life a little stangnant while theyre being resolved. Because of that Ive just not really been in the best position to be able to focus on "serious" type projects.

Anyway, that said and done, are people still interested in continuing it with me?
My current build has quite a few changes vs. what I'd sent to people already. Some bonuses have been added (multipliers for example that give you 2x, 3x, 4x score (+extra time) if you score off the same color 2,3,4 times in a row). It's also tailored towards the developers, with options for easily testing out gfx and sounds and being able to specify color depth (up to ehb) and so on. There's also an additional game mode that borrow from those memory games (tiles are all grey apart from during selection process and return grey when you make a wrong color selection).

Point to all this being, it seems a shame to leave it as it is. Probably 60% of a finished product disregarding graphics and sounds. I like the stuff Ive gotten so far, there's just been a few changes to the stencil and there's additional stuff I need.

Anyway, I guess this whole post is somewhere between an update and an enquiry if those people who were helping, or wanting to help me are still interested?

Thanks everyone
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