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Right, here's WIP7. The only thing new is the new level, nothing else has changed this time, I simply haven't had the time to do it and anyway it's quite time-consuming designing levels as it is. If anybody wants to help with the level design then take a look at the source code to see how it's done. Each level is 60 rows of platforms high.

My targets for the next two updates are implementing a few power-ups, the two player mode and probably the title sequence too. However after that WIPs will probably be more infrequent as level designing, testing, and general tweaking and bug-fixing will be taking up more time than anything else, so there won't be a great deal worth showing for a little while.

Just to deal with some of the other suggestions:

In terms of Deluxe/Special Editions and things like that, it's far too early for me to consider these. I might do at some point but really I'm concentrating on getting this finished now, and I would prefer to work on new projects anyway.

In terms of character names, I don't think these will be needed for Downfall but if I do end up using these in other projects (and I might, they're cool characters) then I'll definitely need some names. But cheers for the suggestions so far.

In terms of the two-player mode... each player only has one life so if someone dies, the initial plan is that's the end of the game. I do agree that playing on your own after the other player has died can be a bit naff. I don't think there'll be much in the way of collision detection between the players but given the way the collision works you'll probably be able to land on the other player's head! I will include a freeze power-up that'll render the other player immobile for a few seconds but they'll be quite rare.

I probably won't deal with the high score table until the very end but I don't plan anything too fancy, just a basic 'enter your name on the keyboard' affair (I hate it when games don't allow you to do something as obvious as this). And I'm not too sure about including extra characters, it doesn't really add much to the game (in my opinion) although if there were to be a special edition, or a sequel even, then I'd consider it.

Thanks everybody for all the feedback and suggestions so far, it's spurred me on somewhat. Even though I'm a bit pushed for spare time at the minute it's definitely a matter of when, not if, the game gets finished.
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