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Originally Posted by laffer View Post
EDIT - I'll be out for 15-20 minutes, I'll edit this out when I'm back and resume playing... such great timing :doh:

I've been watching some live streams of retro gaming and such lately, and I figured I'd give it a go myself, but I suspect my line isn't up to it... I tried a bunch of different sites and streaming programs but the framerate was always really bad.
However, it seems it runs a bit smoother on Ustream for whatever reason, but I can't be sure how well it will work for people watching elsewhere... would be really cool to know, so if any of you could pop in and have a little look, that would be awesome!
I'll be playing Shadow of the Beast 2 for a little while (with a very old and loose joystick, it's pretty hard this way!), and maybe some other stuff too... I guess I'll play for an hour or so, getting a bit tired of messing with this stuff.
I'll play more later though, maybe I'll post here again then in case someone wants to help me test it then.

I don't talk or anything though, don't have a mic... I wish I did, going to get one tomorrow and see if I can get that to work as well.
If any of you have a look, it would be helpful if you posted here when you enter the room as I think you need to register there to have a username or anything, so it's a bit hard to know otherwise... this way I just have to reload this thread and check.

Sorry but everytime I follow your link I get bombarded with advertising, and I really cannot sit through adverts if anything follows them. I did a couple of times just get a still shot of the game.
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