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Bloodwych my friend, noone said you don't know your shiz :P
Apparently your packs are made for a variety of systems so you certainly made the right choice sticking with the 1.2 Scalos that is rock stable

We're just trying to check out if we can buff a bit our Scalos environment. You know how much I like tinkering systems anywayz.

Btw I emailed Scalos dev team and a friendly guy (J├╝rgen) replied me with the following:
Hallo Marios,

sorry, but I failed to find a 40.23 archive here. The oldest available archive in your requested range is 40.28.
Due to several CVS/SVN moves I'm also not able to rebuild such an old version from the sources.

This is the oldest version we can use 40.28 which I uploaded on my Dropbox.
PeterK do your magic lol
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