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Thanks for the suggestions Rob (and everyone else).

Originally Posted by Anakirob View Post
Is this game supposed to be KS1.3 compatible? If so then you are going to need to use "Slice's" instead of "Display's", as DisplayLib only seems to work on WB>2.0, or at least it did for both me and those I discussed it with. Has anyone tested?
It worked for me on KS1.3 - and judging by s2325's latest video, it worked for him too. I tried it with 512K Chip RAM + 512K Slow RAM on WinUAE.

I'll address all the other points from everybody later when I get more time - also I've got a second level all up and running now so that's one of the most important parts of the game sorted. It should now be easy to design the other levels and to integrate them into the game. I haven't done anything else this week due to a lack of time but I'll upload the new version with level two in tonight
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