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Thanks for the responses, but theyre not really what Im looking for. Im hoping to find something that takes advantage of the hardware available in the mid to late 90's. The games listed here could easily be a500 + floppy drive games.

In regards to exult, isnt it sdl based? (ergo rtg + emulator(more or less) only). Not that it couldnt be done on an a500 + floppy, but, well,... SDL ('nuff said).

I was going to make a follow up post 'cos it's a different opic, but Ive been "told off" for that so.....

It seems there's nothing really like what Im after here available for the Amiga. Quite a shame as it's a genre that couldve kept pace with pc games as vga, reasonable hdd space, cdrom, etc. became the norm. A hypothetical Dungeon Master/Eye Of The Beholder, etc. game for example... something with 64/128 real aga colors (to conserve a little chp vs. 256 colors more than speed reasons) + some copper trickery, maybe an extra frame of animation or 2 between "tile" position updates, a few extra animation frames for enemies, full speech, a couple of extra graphics effects for spells and so on and so forth. In short I guess just sprucing up the gamestyle in a way that suits the amiga, it'd work nicely, and is perfectly feasible on a modestly upgraded amiga (harddrive, extra ram, '020 upwards). There was some dos games that did this to a degree towards the end of its life, it's just a shame in some ways that amiga developers towards the end followed current trends (3d) with games instead of making games for upgraded amigas that the hardware is more suited to.

There's a couple of game styles that even non hardcore coders could make that could potentially humble what the amiga already has (in terms of audiovisuals), mostly just because no one has done it before them rather than it being hugely difficult The hardest part would be the extra graphics, sound, scripts and so on rather than the coding.

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