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Is this game supposed to be KS1.3 compatible? If so then you are going to need to use "Slice's" instead of "Display's", as DisplayLib only seems to work on WB>2.0, or at least it did for both me and those I discussed it with. Has anyone tested? It would be awesome if this were a 512kB 1.3 game and would earn you massive street cred wherever classic Amiga fanatics are found

Also, if you're only using 16 colours then why not make it a 5 bitplane display and then you can use the extra bitplane for one extra colour in which to put the background copper without those annoying borders?

Some collision between players would be cool. I can imagine the feeling of satisfaction seeing the other player fall off a platform as I rush into him, or miss a crucial jump as I bounce on his head. No need for the weaponry or 'moves' that others have suggested here. I agree that simple is good. Special items with special abilities will not be as good as they sound. Just points and maybe an extra life or two is all you need, and will make coding that part so much easier.

But I wonder what will happen when one player loses all lives in two player mode? It kinda sucks playing a two player game solo after one player has finished. Prehaps he could continue with score reset to zero and the game ends only when both players have fully died on the same level. And how to impliment that? Prehaps simply not drawing the platforms for the next level leaving nothing between the players and certain death?

Now for my fancy feature requests, everyone else has made them so now it's my turn. I would like a choice of MANY characters, not just a mouse and a grey thing (I want to be a lego man, or maybe an emu). Would not make much difference to the gameplay, but it adds a nice personal touch and a little colour to the HS table if the player is walking on the spot next to the entry.

I guess that is as much a request to Predseda. (I really wanna be a lego man in this, or a SWOS player) Also I think giving them names makes them less rather than more identifiable. If you must give them names then give them something silly like Skullkitchen or prehaps something with a title like The Underwhelming Phalangot. Giving them cute names just makes me WANT them to plummet to their deaths. But of all the names mentioned Matt and Jake are my favorite, simple and unassuming.

And speaking of highscore tables: I like ones that have more than one stat, or prehaps more than one table, like: score, level/distance, fruits collected, % of time spent in mid-air.

And I want to etch-a-sketch my name rather than select it from the alphabet. And trust me, that feature will actually be EASIER to impliment than a keyboard and ascii routine. Just blitting a dot that moves where the joystick points and saving shapes. Is loading shapes not easier than loading text in Blitz?
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