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Need Anti-virus advice

I recently copied over a bunch of software to my Amiga and decided to run virusz III (from classicwb) and to my horror discovered that I had the Happy New Year 96! virus on my system (I don't know where from though since I bought second hand stuff and never scanned them (bad I know)).

After spending a day checking several dozen discs and hopefully getting rid of it from my system (including the RDB by updating the FS in HDtoolbox), I just want to check what practices I should take to reduce the chances of infection.

In addition to scanning every file using virusz, I'm also doing an addition scan with virus executer.

Anything else I should do e.g. is there a good realtime antivirus so that e.g. before the disk mounts it checks it?

Sorry for asking a noobish question but I'm concerned about another infection especially because I'm using a HDD so I can't write protect and due to the hassle it was to setup the unit. I also still have to disinfect the floppy disks.

My Amiga is an A1200 with a HDD, KS3.1, M1207 8mb RAM (no FPU) and classicwb full (wb3.1 version).

Thank you.
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