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Amiga RPGs

While I dont dislike the genre it's never been my favorite, but in recent years my tastes in gaming has changed a bit and I now like a game with a bit of a story behind it. Point and Click adventure games are definately amongst my favorite gamestyles, but having exhausted most of them available on the amiga Ive been thinking maybe I should expand my horizons and start checking out some good amiga rpgs properly. I quite enjoyed the bards tale, dungeon master, eye of the beholder, black crypt, Ishar3 and a few other's from back in the day, but after looking at some of the dos rpgs available back in the 90's and early 2000's Ive started to wonder if any of the more "advanced" rpgs ever made thier way to the amiga. Theyre games that lend themselves pretty well to the amigas hardware, but to my knowledge there were none written to take advantage of the sorts of amiga's more people ended up with before Commodore's demise (aga + fastram + harddrive, etc.).?

If there is I'd be interested to hear what equivalents the amiga had for the sorts of rpgs dos ended up with, or were we restricted to the sorts of games I already listed? Good as they were/are it would be great to see an rpg and/or adventure or 2 that were more fitting for a moderately upgraded amiga. The only 2 I can think of off the top of my head are Trapped 1 and 2, but theyre more engine than game. Im more interested in something like diablo, or a dungeon master style game that uses aga color depths, extra animations, cut scenes, speech, etc. Im not really after a specific style of rpg, but rather something that used the technology available (without trying to do things not suited to it).
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