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Originally Posted by Amigan123 View Post
First try a good quality Branded CDR Verbatim, Sony, Taio Yuden and burn the disc slow 2 or 4 speed! even try some cheap no brand ones you should eventually find one that the CDTV will read.

If you can try discs from many different manufacturers as old systems like the CDTV have lasers that will probably only like certain types of dye formulations.

I know Verbatims Dark Blue AZO dye worked well on many old consoles including the CD32!

Most important more info.
How exactly are you burning these iso's?

Are the iso's ok, you could try them im WinUAE under CDTV config.
Generally if they dont work there then there is something wrong with iso.

Does it just go straight to CDTV logo or CD Player?
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