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I don't if you've got an A1200/CD32 or can emulate AGA, but Captive 2: Liberation is a great game. I believe the viewpoint could be compared to Hired Guns. This is what it says on the back:
"YOU must take control of your four 'droids and explore the city zones in an attempt to free the captives. Search for clues, gather evidence, live above or below the corrupt 'law'; the choice is yours. Justice must prevail!"
>Hours of digitised speech and CD quality music
>A cast of thousands to fight, talk or trade with
>Explore the cities using the innovative Vectomap 3D roleplaying system
>Real time 3D combat puts you right in the thick of the action
>Use your brain as well as your brawn to free the captives

The thing I found great about the game is that you can almost ignore the mission and just go around finding weapons and customizing your droids, then start the story when you want to.
Another few of games I've got in my Real collection (In other words I think theyre good enough to buy) are Diggers, Hillsea Lido and Road Rash. Two are self explanatory, and Hillsea Lido is a seaside sim which you may or may not like.
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