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I think he was only trying to use a more classy word for it.
I think it's a nice way of saying it, I never liked the term 'retro' that much to begin with

Anyway, I play way more vintage games than modern ones.... way more.
I like how older games are much of the time much easier to pick up and play for shorter periods of time, and I also like the way they have you use your imagination more.
Also, I suspect I simply like the gameplay in those games better than new ones... I can enjoy modern games as well, but I tend to get tired of them much more quickly, and I don't replay them nearly as much.

Then there's the thing gilgamesh brilliantly described -
Originally Posted by gilgamesh
Old games bring back the sense of wonder and excitement for technology. They remind me of spending hours in front of mystifying beige boxes that smelled of dust and ozone. You felt much more like one of William Gibson's "cyber cowboys" than you do now surfing the web.
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