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I disagree that people born after the golden era of computing wont still remember what they grew up with fondly, and in fact they do. Many of the younger guys/gals at uni reminesced exactly the same way as the older ones did, the only difference being what it was they recalled fondly. Rather than the c64/amiga/whatever they recalled their N64, their pentium2, etc.

Funny you should mention Syndicate though, I spent quite some time arguing with one young guy in particular which was better out of syndicate and the sequel (Syndicate Wars). Another one we argued about was Populous2 and Populous3. This guy was only 19 as well, so the younger generations definately do check out what was available before tey started having an interest. Not to the same degree as those that were around at the time, but they still do nonetheless.

My uni studies were video game creation centric (3ds max, c/c++ programming, action script, 3ds max, AI programming, etc.) so we spent quite some time discussing these things.
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