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Lets face it....if the gaming and console market did away with all their security efforts and used the money saved to drop the price of consoles and halved the price of the games then piracy would drop like a brick....Most would be happy to pay £15 for a full released game and not even bother trying to mod their consoles or machines.

And to add to that if they took some of the pirates idea's it could be a good thing for instance..

The original xbox modded was a far better machine with its evox menu; players....bought from the shop like that it would have wiped the console market in its day.

Even a DS with an R4 is better than how its sold in the shops...Even without the ability to play downloaded games !!

If i was Bill Gates my next XBOX would have all the capabilities of the clone of evox with all the emulation features etc ....
The Ability to play ALL the xbox games old and new ( without patching and hassle )

No security hassle cuz i would drop the price of the console and games so there would be no point in copying and allow the community to create and add thier own applications like ViceX and SnesX etc.
A bit like buying Half-Life and making Mods for it ..
Sit back and get rich again

Better to sell all my games for £15 than not many at £45


I know you can play retro on xbox live etc but im talking out of the box not paying online

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