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Allright guys. Agian thanks for all you help starting me up.
Now. I've configured my CF card, installed WHDload + Reg key, also installed TinyLauncher.
With my system being an A600 I only have 1MB RAM. I was recommended early by Arnie to get an A604 mem expansion.
It seems there is no other way arround. Most of the games won't start even with TinyLauncher. Surely I just had to see it to my self before spending more Euro's :-)

Now. I have another problem.
I also bought Amiga Forever. I wanted to use the KickRoms with WHDload using this guide to rename and copy the ROMs:

However, when loading games which require A500 kickrom i get this error?
DOS-Error #205 (object not found) on reading "devs:kickstarts/kick34005.a500".
But the file should be called kick34005.a500.RTB yes?

I noticed that when I copy files in WinUAE by mounting a Windows folder- the files dosn't show in the amiga drives before selecting "Show all files" Could this be the error?
How do I correct this?

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