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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Fastchip, Fastz2 and z2cache have been removed from the ACA1231 because they caused too many support requests. The only options available in the ACA1231 are "overall cache", "burst" and "maprom". Switching Dcache on for Chipram has caused instabilities, and ICache for Chipram has always been enabled. I am not planning on making any accelerator that has these options any more, as they are pure time-killers in support.
I see Jens, no problem with that. I was just curious why it didn't work that's all

Btw, are the"slowpcmcia/slowpcmciamem" options give any serious boost if turned on or should be avoided for now (in case they are still experimental)?
Also does the "resetpcmcia" option is equivalent to the CardReset command for fixing the reset problem of PCMCIA bus?

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Not sure if your scsi.device is already accelerated in the inner copy-loop with move.l instead of move.w. If it isn't, try installing IDE-fix express software for a little more performance.
My scsi.device is 44.2 from Doobrey inside the custom 1MB ROM. It works very well with SFS/2 and atm I'm not planning to install Idefix.
DVD-RW that I have as secondary master, used to work just fine as well under OS3.9 without Idefix installed.

For some reason Idefix never worked nice on my systems (maybe because I always used custom ROMS with other scsi.devices than the original).

Dunno what is the max speed that Idefix Express with Idefix installed should reach, but I will try other scsi.devices and other CF cards at some point to see if I can reach a better speed. Till then, I'm pretty satisfied with the 5.5MB/s for IDE

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