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I met this guy...

I might be nuts, but I met this guy on eBay... Playing some 'ping-pong' back and forth, I felt like this is a guy you can trust, so after a GOOD conversation I wrote him this:

This mail came into life when I sensed that he was being honestest to me without revealing too much - someone has to do the first step, so I.Did !!

Hi raw34

Well you'll never know :-p

But right now I'm on as 'I.Did'. I might be at bit strange when it comes to collecting stuff.

In 1977 I got my first real job turning 18 years old and I was at that time 'very much into listing to music' as most people did - this hasn't change a bit over the years!! So I started ordering records for the stereo that I didn't have.
At that time I looked at my friends, who had stereo's but only had some 20-30 records. What's the big deal in having a stereo and almost no records ?

So I decided that I needed a big record collection BEFORE I even bought me a stereo. It took me two years to get pass the 150+ mark (Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin, Zappa, Birds, Kings, Clapton, Pink Floyd, Yardbirds, Deep Purple, Mike Oldfield (BIG FAN) and Jean Michel Jarre (just to mention some). Still looking at my friends who only had some 40-80 records, I bought my stereo in early 1979.

Now I cloud finally listen to the records that I've been buying for quit some time, while my friends was about to buy the same records for the second time, as they was pretty much worn out (Pink Floyd - The Wall, just to mention one). ..... To this day I'm still collection LP's and replacing the old ones if I can find them (second hand) and also replacing the pick-up once or twice a year, depending on how much I listen to my records.

My stereo today has changed quit a bit as the development for computers changed as well. My Technics SU-V10x with 2*110 Watts is replaced with Yamaha DSP-A1 . My Jamo J-251 is replaced with Bose AM5 (Stereo) , Bose AM 15 (Surround) and Cervin Vega 1215 (second picture) (for neighboring disturbing loud music), streaming videos from one of my Intel i7 based computers to the TV is extremely effective :-p

My method of doing this, I find quite effective and have been practiced it on other things I found interesting, like the Amiga, and now I'm starting my collection on C=64 once again.
Its been countless of years that I have had an C64 or Amiga for that matter, but as of last summer (2011), when I by accident stumbled over an Amiga with some extras, I was hooked again - Nothing less!

Around x-mas 2011 I was going: ' Man, I miss my C=64' as well and started looking on eBay for prices. As with the same procedure with the records, I started out with your collection of floppy's. I now got 1500+ floppy's (3500+ for my Amiga's - still sorting out for the C=64 and have to start looking around for C=64 hardware :-)

Hardware for C=64 is easy to find, but I find software difficult to get my hands on and that's the main reason I started out with the floppy's. Maybe I didn't look that hard or my search on the internet wasn't that good - ha-ha. No matter what, from you I got what I wanted, and then some

I might be what others will call methodical, when it comes to stuff like this - I look at it this way: Some people collect stamps, I collect bits'n'bytes including the necessary hardware, as it comes my way :-p
So THANKS again for the floppy's, they will differently help me on my way !!

I am actually looking for serious C=64 forums and thought when you wrote: 'maybe we'll meet on various fan forums' .... could you point me in any direction for serious C=64 forums ?



Guys.. I just thought that this was a pretty good intro

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