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Originally Posted by mfilos View Post
If I add any other option that works on my ACA630 (like fastchip, fastz2 or z2cache) makes the ACATune not kicking the ROM and not using the cache/burst options.
Fastchip, Fastz2 and z2cache have been removed from the ACA1231 because they caused too many support requests. The only options available in the ACA1231 are "overall cache", "burst" and "maprom". Switching Dcache on for Chipram has caused instabilities, and ICache for Chipram has always been enabled. I am not planning on making any accelerator that has these options any more, as they are pure time-killers in support.

Originally Posted by mfilos View Post
Without using ACATune I get ~4.5MB/s transfer speed on my 1GB Sandisk CF, while using cache/burst on I get ~5.4MB/s (both speeds using Idefix Express without software installed).
Not sure if your scsi.device is already accelerated in the inner copy-loop with move.l instead of move.w. If it isn't, try installing IDE-fix express software for a little more performance.

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