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Floppy disk

Whoops SORRY! Sometimes me think you ppl are omnipotent...

Here's the list. This is most of the adf I've grabbed (some useless crap I've not bothered writing down). You'll notice that I owned most of the stuff (a pretty damn lot I must say! Thanks mommy! ).

4D Sports Driving (owned)
Addams familiy (owned)
AlienBreed TA
Alien Breed 2 (owned)
Alien Breed '92 (owned)
Bill's Tomato game
California Games (owned)
Cannon Fodder (owned)
Cannon Fodder 2
Chaos Engine
Civilization (owned)
Dark Seed (owned)
Dune (owned)
Fire and Ice (owned)
Flashback (owned)
F1GP (owned)
Fred (owned)
Galaga Deluxe (PD, owned)
Harlequin (owned)
Hero Qeust (owned)
Indiana jones last crusade (owned)
Legend of the sword (owned)
Lemmings 1 & 2 (owned both)
Magic Pockets (owned)
Monty Phython's Flying Circus (owned)
North & South (owned, cracked)
Paradroid 90 (borrowed)
Pinball Fantasies (owned, cracked)
Pinball illusions
Pirates! (owned)
Poing (PD, owned)
Puffy's Saga (owned)
Pushover (owned)
Rick Dangerous (owned, cracked)
Rick Dangerous 2
Second Samurai AGA (owned)
Sim Ant (owned)
Sim City (owned)
Sleepwalker AGA (owned)
Speedball 2
Superfrog (owned)
Sensible World of Soccer (owned, cracked)
Syndicate (owned)
Test drive 1 & 2 (owned both)
The Amazing Spiderman (owned)
The Settlers (owned)
Tom and the Ghost (borrowed)
Troddlers (owned)
Twinworld (owned)
Worms DC
Wiz n Liz
Zack Mc Kraken (owned)
Zool 1 & 2 (owned both)

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