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Re: Loopz

Originally posted by Codetapper
Loopz by Audiogenic turned into an arcade coin-op after it was released on the Amiga.

US Gold developed the game Strider and Capcom liked it so much they made a coin-op from the idea - which was then converted to the Amiga.

Also F1GP sort of existed - someone made up a full cabinet with steering wheel and pedals had it on show at one of the World of Commodore shows in Australia. It was running on an Amiga apparently.
Interesting Codetapper.
I never new any of that.
No one has mentioned the game I was thinking of so I'll mention it now. It's (drumroll)... Zool.

Has anyone actually played these Amiga Arcade games? I haven't.

Anywho here's an interesting Amiga/Arcade link:
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