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Originally Posted by vroom6sri View Post
However, when I closed all running games and programs I only saw about 54meg of memory freed up. I only say this in case it means the new ACAtune isn't configuring memory properly.
ACAtune is responsible for adding memory, but it is NOT running in the background. Anything that happens to memory after the ACAtune tool has been launched is the resposibility of the programs that are running.

Some programs allocate memory, but never release it. This is annoying, but not damaging - the memory will be back after a reboot. Other programs release memory twice, which corrupts the free memory list and leads to the same instabilities that the buggy version of ACAtune caused. You normally get a guru (yellow guru? someone help me out!) in that case.

Another possible reason for seeing "not enough memory" after closing all programs is libraries that still remain in memory. The OS is holding on to them in memory because they "may" be used by other programs, so they occupy memory for a reason. You can flush these artefacts out of memory with the avail command if you add the parameter "flush":

avail flush
It will list the known output with available chip/fastmem, but also kick out anything that has "open count=0" in memory. However, this command cannot free memory that has been allocated by other programs. Such memory leaks can only be fixed by the author of that respective program. This is clearly a weakness of the Amiga OS: It does not have resource tracking.

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