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Another week, another WIP...

I've not done as much as I hoped this week but there's still a few new things in here.

Predseda's been busy with the graphics and come up with a Game Over logo and a nice new score panel as well as some extra objects and platforms. All of these are now in the game although obviously you won't see all the platform graphics still.

You score points at a higher rate if you are towards the top or bottom of the screen than you do if you're in the middle (slightly more at the bottom than the top but not by much).

I've implemented the changes suggested by DJCruicky and dazzleman so thanks for that guys!

Finally, I've constructed a new full (60 rows) level. It's not very good and a bit too easy but it's a start. I did initially intend to do a second full level to make sure the levels 'link' correctly but I ran out of time this week, fingers crossed it'll get in next week (if anyone wants to design their own levels feel free). I might start work on the two-player mode too if you all behave yourselves

A few of the old niggles still remain but the actual game is making good progress I think.
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