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Post TrueColor and OS 3.5 icons for ClassicWB & Scalos on WB 3.0/3.1

Hi Bloodwych,
I've just tried out your excellent ADVSP package under WinUAE because mfilos wanted to know if he could use my icon.library together with it. I'm really impressed, ClassicWB seems to have a lot of interesting features which can make life much easier for owners of OS 3.0 systems. Your compilation gets the most out of these older Amigas, that's great.

The ADVSP v27 which I tested is still using the older Scalos 1.2d. On my own WinUAE installation with OS 3.9 I've the latest Scalos beta version which can be launched on a second screen as a possible alternative to the Workbench. Is there a good reason to keep up with this version of Scalos for ClassicWB ?

When I tried to set up my icon.library on ASVSP I had to replace some of the older files with those of a newer Scalos. But finally, there was not so much to change to let it display all types of icons and the best is that it needs no other files from OS 3.5+, just some public libraries and datatypes.

------ OS 3.0 is supported now ! -- Needs less than 512 kB of ChipMem for the icons ! ------

If you would like to try it out, you only have to copy the files in the attached archive into your directory structure. And please tell me if it works. Thanks!

ClassicWB30Icons => all icons for ClassicWB on OS 3.0+ and Scalos 1.2d:
There is a new "information.module" (v3.1b) included, because the older WBInfo v2.9 caused some conflicts with the newicon.library emulation from Stephan Rupprecht . In the new icon information it's possible now to click onto the icon image in order to load the same icon into another tool like Iconian, for example. You also have to use Iconian to change the icon type from "tool" to "project" or else.

Also added are some other patches like PatchRAM which lets the RamDisk display the right amount of used mem instead of always showing "100% full". Other utilities are MemTrailer to avoid some of the memory trashings, MinStack as a replacement for StackAttack, TagLiFE for faster taglist routines and a script called "Enforcer" which can be used for debugging on WinUAE and will be supported by Segtracker, too. Have fun with ClassicWB!

The attachment comes with a new patch called FixScalos to cure all the problems which occured during the screenmode changes before. It should be launched with Run from the end of the startup-sequence. Scalos 1.2d has simply disabled the workbench.library function for updating icons which is called WorkbenchPrivate1(), so I've written an emulation to reactivate it. This should fix problems with IconMaster. Also included is a modified version 37.0 of the excellent AutoUpdateWB utility from Elena Novaretti and Massimo Tantignone

Btw, ClassicWB works pretty well with the 800*600 SuperPlus monitor driver from Ratte, at least on WinUAE.

Important: If you already have installed some iconobject files with v40+ on Scalos 1.2d then please downgrade to the included v39 files, because they cause less conflicts (no graphics corruption while dragging or crashes with icon frames) under Scalos 1.2d. In other words, use the complete package as it is with all files included. Higher version numbers don't mean to get better results here (look into Classes/Datatypes and Libs: for iconobject files). You will NOT lose any features under OS 3.1 !

If your system has only 512 kB ChipMem then it's important to add "ScreenMode" to the "include list" in the FBlit preferences or if you prefer you can run FBlit in exclude mode alternatively (read the docs).

The latest version of the icon.library (now with much faster internal PNG decoding) can be found here:
Attached Files
File Type: lha ClassicWB30Icons.lha (340.9 KB, 730 views)

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