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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
I'm not sure how that proves anything, but go ahead.
If you really wanted to do something useful, you'd grab your drives, and make a list of what drives that work, and what drives doesn't. But why should i dictate what you are to do with your spare time. Make your case, and see if it helps anything.

Of course, using a set of custom roms might appeal more then buying a band new drive, that is true for sure. I'm guessing it's all semantics, but as far as i'm concerned the "reason" for the upgrade/workaround will remain the ACA1231.
With updated ROM, with all the latest patches, mine refuses to see drive after boot, but it sees it fine, if I dont load ROM.
If I underclock my ACA630, it sees drive fine all day long, wether with ROM or not.

If I change to another drive, some work fine, some dont.
I think the Amiga main boards can be so unpredictable. They are 20 years old and if you told commodore that in a future people would be still using / upgrading their Amiga's, they would think your nuts, .
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