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Originally Posted by 1time View Post
MR B, the almighty hardware guru, i have a old 120mb hard drive .. i will try it just to prove your wrong. But this is still a thread about ACA turbo cards and not about you and me.
I'm not sure how that proves anything, but go ahead.
If you really wanted to do something useful, you'd grab your drives, and make a list of what drives that work, and what drives doesn't. But why should i dictate what you are to do with your spare time. Make your case, and see if it helps anything.

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Problem may be easily patched _if_ the problem is in scsi.device.
Of course, using a set of custom roms might appeal more then buying a band new drive, that is true for sure. I'm guessing it's all semantics, but as far as i'm concerned the "reason" for the upgrade/workaround will remain the ACA1231.
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