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Originally Posted by vroom6sri View Post
I'm a 3.0 ROM user with one of the new 1231/42 cards and had noticed a few problems which I hope is what Jens was referring to - it has crashed with software failures at different times, most noticeably when loading up a game or application after just having exitted another one.
I've had another customer from Sweden (or DK? sorry, I only remember that the name was Scandinavian). He had three software-related problems:

1. Faulty ACAtune which added too much memory. Please use the V1.4 that I posted recently.

2. some datatype that required an FPU. He replaced it with a non-FPU version.

3. an old version of WHDload that made it's own (faulty) FPU detection. An update to the latest WHDload version fixed that.

However, there's another thing that we've investigated this last week, and that's reports of crashes from a few customers. We managed to reproduce these crashes on *some* cards and found that the 030 CPU gets too hot.

I now have two of those failing cards back in the workshop, and it's currently runnig an endless LHA-loop with a small 30mm x 30mm cooler, which in turn is placed on some styrofoam, so it doesn't cool too well. When I left the shop friday evening, the card was already running for about 9 hours without a crash, where it would fail after some 20 minutes without the cooler (even sooner if the PSU was set to higher voltage). The current test is done with a PSU that's set to output 5.4V, so test conditions are even harder. I'll be back in the shop on monday morning and will make a decision about a cooler on *all* cards by then (yes, also those that are in the field).

I'll also look into the "harddisk access too fast" issue tomorrow.

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