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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
In my opinion the only thing that should be blamed is ROM scsi.device. It is old, written when ATA-1 was the latest and greatest spec, this driver can have timing bugs (for example assuming bus speed is always "slow enough") or not detecting drives properly. ATA has changed greatly in last 20 years.
Your the next thing to a god as far as i'm concerned, but right here, right now, your "wrong". Sure, it may very well be that the scsi.device is the reason that the ACA1231 can create this issue. But the ACA1231 is a device aimed at this hardware with all it's flaws, and identity crisis. If it cant cope, it's still at fault. In all fairness i'm not blaming Jens for it, i mean com on, just making hardware for a 20 year old hardware is a long stretch to start with. Being able to test with every piece of hardware created since then isn't in the real of possible.

Originally Posted by 1time View Post
this is a top modern harddrive.
Which is why it fails in the first place. "most" older drives doesn't pretend to be green, they grab as much power as they need, to spin up, and get ready as soon as possible. Cost-reductions, and proclaimed environment aspects of usage has introduced limitations to how fast the drive can spin up, go through it's self diagnostics, and get ready for use. It's possibly a better drive, but it's still starting slower then a lot of other drives. If you want, i can trade you a small old drive that most likely will work... Yeah, didn't think you'd go for it.

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